The Willow Centre, Brookfield Road

Planning Application


Erection of portacabin in carpark to be used as an annexe for Kiddie Kapers Neighbourhood Nursery, addition of 5 additional parking spaces on site.

Start of Consultation: 7 Jan 2015 | End of Consultation: 31 Jan 2015


  1. admin (Post author)

    An option I thought might go some way to solve the disabled parking problem is to mark some spaces, where access is better, as disabled priority, similar to seating on public transport.. Does anybody else have a view on this.
    My view, which I believe was supported at the meeting is that the facade colour should match the pale green used on the rear and side facades of the existing building.

  2. admin (Post author)

    We have commented on this application as follows:
    South Ashford Community Forum are pleased to support the Application to allow expansion of the Kiddy Kapers Nursery at the Willow Centre. We do, however have two comments:
    1. The building was provided as a community building, not solely for the use of the Nursery. This should be considered before permitting removal of the disabled parking spaces. We suggest that at least three spaces to which appropriate access can be provided are marked as Disabled Priority, with a notice indicating that if other spaces are available, either inside or outside the compound, able bodied drivers should use those.
    2. The fascia colour is indicated differently on two of the drawings. The fascia colours should match those the existing building.

  3. admin (Post author)

    Decided : Permit
    Correspondence with the Applicant addressed concerns expressed in our comments.

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