River Stour bankside cut-back

The Environment Agency have responded to concerns raised by some residents regarding the extent of cutting back of bankside vegetation along the Great Stour through Ashford.

We are aware that concerns have been raised regarding the extent of cutting back of bankside vegetation along the Great Stour through Ashford. We have raised the issue with the Environment Agency and received this reply:

“Thank you for your enquiry re the Tree maintenance works currently being carried out in Ashford.

As you have mentioned these maintenance works are necessary, to increase conveyance during increased water levels through this critical section of the Great Stour and reduce flood risk to South Ashford Area. The River Stour has not undergone maintenance in this section for many years which may result in the works appearing rather harsh, however the new growth this spring will be significantly improved due to the pioneering and I believe the residents will be pleased.

Our funding for these works is on a project by project basis and when we receive funding to carry out such works it may look severe when first carried out but we do balance our maintenance to take account of environmental considerations to all the works we carry out including the time of year for such works.”

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    Following our correspondence with the Environment Agency regarding the extent of the cutback of bankside vegetation along the River Stour, we raised with them the damage to landscaping caused by the vehicles used for the works. We asked whether vehicle mats could be specified for such works in future. We received the following response:

    “1.Cost. tracking mats are expensive to lay cheaper to go back and repair. It looks worst then it is a good downpour will level them out, then with spring around the corner grass will start to grow. We can go back and rectify any damage in the spring.
    2. This is a one off pioneering on the Great Stour that has not been done for at least 10 years, each year will be less work to do.
    3.Tracking mats need a trained operative to lay them on site and I presume machinery to lay them.
    4 Closure off footpath when laying mats.
    5. Time ,delays to programme.”


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