Project Purple

A new project is bringing together schoolchildren and local services in South Ashford to create an open space for children and families to enjoy.

Every Tuesday, after school, Project Purple moves into action. Year 6 students from Ashford Oaks Primary School join forces with mobile youth service Hang 10, Ashford Borough Council and the local PCSOs to transform a piece of land by Crownfild Road, South Ashford.

Project Purple launched on 30 September when the students donned their gloves, picked up their rubbish bags and carried out a litter pick. A new log bench was also installed for residents to enjoy.

The school gratefully received a donation of £834.65 from the charity ‘Making a difference locally’ which they intend to put towards the project.

Cllr. Aline Hicks, portfolio holder for housing, said: “Project Purple is a great way of enabling students to have a sense of ownership for their community and be proud of where they live. “It’s fantastic to see the children working together with such enthusiasm with project leaders teacher Jane Marshall, and Andrew Richardson from Uprising Youth and Communities. Local PCSOs and wardens are also offering support and residents can look forward to the results of all their hard work.”

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