Meet the Candidates

Ashford’s Community Forums are giving voters the opportunity to meet with candidates for the Borough Council elections.

An event arranged by each of the Forums will be attended by Borough Council candidates for the Wards the Forum serves. All who live in these Wards are welcome to attend the meeting.
The wards covered, times, dates and venues of each of the meetings are listed below. More details of each event can be found on the respective Forum’s website where any changes will be advertised.

Kennington Community Forum
Bybrook, Kennington, Little Burton Farm, Bockhanger and Boughton Aluph & Eastwell Wards
at 18:45 on 31st March at St. Mary’s Community Centre

South Ashford Community Forum
Beaver, Norman and Victoria Wards
at 19:00 on 22nd April at Ashford International Sports and Social Club

Central Ashford Community Forum
Godinton, Stour, Bockhanger and Victoria Wards
at 19:30 on 28th April at Furley Hall

North Willesborough Community Forum
North Willesborough, Highfield and Aylesford Green Wards
at 19:00 on 29th April at Willesborough Baptist Church

Ashford’s Community Forums are open forums set up to represent the views of people living and working in the non-parished areas of Ashford and to help communicate those views to Ashford Borough Council, Kent County Council and other statutory organisations. All who live or work in the Forum areas are welcome to attend the relevant Forum’s public meetings.


  1. admin (Post author)

    Kennington Communty Forum’s ‘Any Questions’ event takes place one week today. Please visit their website for full details.

  2. admin (Post author)

    It is less than a week to our Meet the Candidates Event


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