Why are you not represented by a local council?

As a result of the history of local government in Ashford, 40% of the all voters in the Borough of Ashford; that is approximately 2/3rds of voters in the urban area of Ashford, do not get the advantages of being represented by a local council.

Ashford Borough Council has started the process that could correct this anomaly. If you live in the non-parished area of South Ashford, ensure that all voters in your household sign the petition that has been sent to you and return it in the postage paid envelope provided. This will help to ensure that ABC include the opportunity to give you a local council when they produce draft recommendations for Community Governance for Ashford, later this year.

If you live in the non-parished area of South Ashford and have not received the petition or you want more information please read our Community Council page from where you can download a copy of the petition.

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