Nepalese Community Appeal for Help

Yesterday evening, a few of us attended a beautiful candlelit vigil arranged by our local Nepalese community. They have asked us to share their appeal for help. Many of them have lost friends and family in the Nepalese earthquake that occurred on Saturday. Many of them are still desperately waiting on news of their loved ones. Conditions are awful, with survivors homeless and in desperate need of help.

The Prince of Wales pub, in New Street, Ashford (the town centre), has kindly given up some space for donations for the appeal. These are being shipped out on Friday, so we only have a few days to collect as much as possible together. If you can help, please just take your donations directly to the pub. If you need some help doing this, then please let us know, and if possible we will try and arrange for someone to come and get them from you.

In particular they need

Wind Up torches (there is no electricity)
Dried food
Medical supplies
Sleeping bags
Hygiene Supplies
Cardboard boxes

On Friday 1st May, Ashford Oaks Primary School is having a Help Nepal Day to raise money and collect items. At 3pm they are having a bake sale, and all money raised will go directly to help victims in schools.

Thank you on behalf of our friends.” Post by Ashford Greens

A web page has been set up to receive donations at

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