ABC Parking Consultation

Ashford Borough Council is continually seeking to improve the parking facilities and related highway services for our residents and visitors to the borough. From time to time they will invite views and comments using parking consultations. Current consultations include changes to on-street parking in South Ashford

Within each consultation you can find out more information on;

  • Relevant reports and minutes
  • Detailed plans and proposals
  • Legal notices

Parking consultations are also your chance to raise any objections. All objections must be received in writing but you can also email them. All consultations will be open for a set period of time. Please ensure you check the deadline date before submitting any objections.

In the Town of Ashford

Extract of table showing only changes proposed in South Ashford

Amendment 1 (Ashford & Charing)
Street >Proposed Changes
Bond Road (outside No’s 30/32) Removal of Disabled Persons Parking Bay
Christchurch Road (outside No’s 32/34) Removal of Disabled Persons Parking Bay
St Annes Road (outside No. 19) Removal of Disabled Persons Parking Bay
St Stephens Walk (outside No. 82) Removal of Disabled Persons Parking Bay

Copies of all deposit documents, including plans of the proposed amendments, can be accessed by clicking on the links to the ABC website below.  Alternatively hard copies are available to view between 7th May 2015 and 29th May 2015 at Ashford Gateway Plus, Church Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1AS.  A copy of the draft Order is also available to view at the main reception of Sessions House, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1XQ.

Amendment 1 – Notice of Intention [pdf] 138KB

Amendment 1 – Statement of Reasons [pdf] 80KB

Amendment 1 Order 2015[pdf] 591KB

Guide to Drawings [pdf] 12KB

Plan 1- Bond Road [pdf] 351KB

Plan 2 – Christchurch Road [pdf] 368K

Plan 6 – James Street & Western Avenue [pdf] 369KB

Plan 7 – St Annes Road & St Stephens Walk [pdf] 357KB

2015 Consolidation Order [pdf] 7MB

For more information refer to the Parking Consultation Page on the ABC website

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