Electrical Network Emergency

UK Power Networks

Telephone 105.

To report a power cut, or if you are concerned about the safety of UK Power Networks equipment

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National Grid

Telephone 0800 40 40 90

for a potential hazard on or near an overhead electricity line

Do not approach any hazard, even at ground level. Keep as far away as possible. Follow the six steps below:

  1. Warn anyone in the vicinity to evacuate the area.
  2. Call our 24-hour electricity Emergency Number 0800 40 40 90*.
  3. Give your name and contact phone number.
  4. Explain the nature of the issue/hazard.
  5. Give as much information as possible so that we can identify the geographic location – ie. town/village, numbers of near-by roads, postcode and (ONLY if it can be observed without putting you or others in danger) the tower number of an adjacent pylon.
  6. Await further contact from a National Grid engineer.

* It is critically important that you don’t use this phone number for any other purpose. If you need to contact National Grid for another reason please use our Contact Centre to find the appropriate information.