Oak Tree Road/Little Knoll

Update from ABC website issued 16.00 19th Jun:

Work has continued on site all day to make the structure safe in Oak Tree Road.

Following an assessment by building surveyors from the Ashford Borough Council’s building control team on Wednesday, most of the first floor was found to be unstable and all of the properties have suffered fire and/or water damage. As a priority, removal of the dangerous parts of the structure began yesterday morning and good progress has been made with the controlled removal of those parts. It is anticipated that the structural work will be completed today but work to clear the surrounding rubble and debris will continue into tomorrow (Saturday 20 June 2015).

This is obviously urgent work and must continue until the structure and the surrounding area is safe. We will of course continue to liaise with local residents directly about this. Their understanding and generosity towards the site workers has been gratefully appreciated by all on site – especially the kind residents who have been bringing tea and food out to the workers.

The area of green will be cut and washed so once it is handed back over to the community it will be safe for children to play on again.

The existing road closure in Little Knoll will remain in place for the foreseeable future and the site is secured and cordoned off to the public.

Housing officers continue to support those residents whose homes have been damaged. Long-term accommodation has been identified for all of the households affected. We remain in regular contact with these residents and will support their transition into more permanent accommodation and offer additional help as required.

The emergency control centre has now been stood down and from Monday the situation will be dealt with by the council’s housing team.

We have been asked whether the cause of the fire is known. However, it is not. The Health and Safety Executive is still conducting an investigation into this.

Residents in the area are advised that if they have any urgent questions over the weekend that cannot wait until Monday they should call 01233 331111 pressing option 4.

If there are any further updates these will come early next week – www.ashford.gov.uk/news and our social media feeds will have the latest information.

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