Oak Tree Road/Little Knoll

Update from ABC website issued 16.30 22nd Jun:

The removal of dangerous parts of the structure was completed on Friday afternoon. The rubble and debris around the site has now been cleared. Decisions over the long-term future of the site will be taken in the coming weeks once formal processes, including insurance, have taken place.

The understanding and generosity of local residents towards site workers last week was gratefully appreciated.

In terms of the on-going situation, the existing road closure in Little Knoll will remain in place for the foreseeable future and the site is still secured and cordoned off to the public. A hoarding will be erected this week.

Ashford Borough Council (ABC) Housing officers continue to support those residents whose homes have been damaged. We remain in close contact with these residents and will support their transition into more permanent accommodation and offer additional help as required.

ABC have been asked whether the cause of the fire is known. However, it is not. The Health and Safety Executive is still conducting an investigation into this.

Ashford Borough Council

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