SACF Comments on KCC Division Boundaries

Following our post of 12 May 2015 we South Ashford Community Forum has reviewed the ‘Draft recommendations for the further electoral review of Kent County Council’. published by the Local Government Boundary Commision for England (LGBCE) . Although there is little change from the existing divisions that serve South Ashford we believe the boundaries could be improved.We have submitted our comments to the LGBCE.

Our suggestions would put the whole of the Forum area into one division and removre the Town Centre from the Ashford South Division. We believe that this would provide for more effective and convenient local government, although the number of electors in each division would vary.

The document conatining our comments “Response to draft recommendations for Kent County Council Divisions” can be downloaded from our Publications page.

The Draft proposals can be viewed or downloaded from the LGBCE website and consultation site.

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