ABC Community Governance Review Draft Recommendations

Following our news item announcing that Ashford Borough Council has proposed that a community Council is formed for South Ashford we summarise below all of Ashford Borough Council’s Draft Recommendations that affect South Ashford.

South Ashford Community Council

The Borough Council is recommending the creation of a [South Ashford Community Council]. The recommended boundaries for this community council are shown on Plan 21 and include the Polling Districts of NO1, NO2, VI1, VI3, BE1, BE2, BE3. 10,274 electors will be affected.

The Borough Council is recommending

  • that the elections to South Ashford Community Council take place in 2019
  • that the number of councillors to be elected to the South Ashford Community Council is 16
  • that the Community Council be warded as follows, to reflect the Borough Council ward boundaries:
Borough Ward Community Ward Name Electorate No. of Councillors
Norman Norman 2082 3
Beaver Beaver 4220 7
Part of Victoria Victoria 3972 6


Other changes

Great Chart with Singleton Parish Boundary

The Borough Council is recommending the amendment of the boundary of the Parish of Great Chart with Singleton to include 16-17 Lodge Close and 1-10 the Borrows within the Parish, as shown on Plan 4. These properties are currently within the South Ashford Community Forum area.

Kingsnorth Parish Boundary

A boundary change is recommended to the boundary of the Parish of Kingsnorth with the boundary of [Norman Ward] as shown on Plan 10. No properties are affected but it moves the boundary to the road, which is a sensible recognised boundary feature.

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