Local Warden Support Officer (LWSO) vacancy – Great Chart with Singleton

GreatChartCWSOtopAre you passionate about volunteering within your community?

Do you have the drive and desire to help people?

Would you like to be part of an exciting new team?

We are offering you an opportunity to be part of an exciting new pilot project across Kent. Working alongside our Community Wardens, Kent Police and local councils, volunteers will be working within their own communities providing information, guidance and support on a wide range of services and issues as well as being the eyes and ears of their community.

Ideally, you will be resident in or have close association with the area you apply for.

Community Wardens have been in operation across Kent for over 10 years and have won numerous awards for the service they provide to the residents of Kent. They:

  • work with partnership agencies to promote community solidarity
  • encourage communities and neighbourhoods to work together to identify and solve problems.
  • talk to residents offering guidance and advice
  • support local community activities and initiatives.

We are looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to offer approximately 20 hours per month on a voluntary basis to work with KCC Community Wardens and partnership agencies covering a wide range of services and issues.

As part of this exciting new team of Local Warden Support Officers, we can offer you the chance to gain valuable experience working in a supportive environment in which to grow your skills and knowledge through high quality training and mentoring from our experienced Community Wardens.



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