Rogue Traders claim to be Trading Standards

Say No to Rogue TradersKCC Trading Standards has received reports of rogue traders impersonating Trading Standards officers to obtain money.

Last week a resident in Canterbury opened their door to a man wearing a uniform and speaking with an Irish accent. The man claimed to be investigating work done to their driveway and asked for a phone number. Later that same day a man telephoned the resident and told them they had to pay £3500 to the court which they would receive back with their compensation.

The rogue claimed it was a top secret case and told the resident to not mention the call to anyone.

A resident in Gravesend received a similar call with the rogue claiming to be investigating a company they contracted with in the past.

KCC Trading Standards is urging all Kent residents to warn relatives, neighbours and friends about these rogues, particularly if they know someone who has had problems with a trader in the past and if the work was for driveways, roofing and gardening.

Trading Standards officers do not ask consumers for money and would not tell you to not mention their visit or call to anyone. Trading Standards officers carry ID and you can contact us on 03000 41 41 41 to verify their identity.

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Kent County Council 19 October 2015

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