December Newsletter – call for items

SA_TitleWe are planning another edition of the South Ashford news-sheet for distribution at the beginning of December. If you have any community news, information or events, relating to the Forum Area,, that you would like included please send details as soon as possible. The earlier we receive the information the more likely the item will be included, but the final date for any item is 13th November. We will list the date, title and venue (or web address for further information) for any community event. If you would like more information included we invite you to take an advert.

We are also seeking advertising to fund the news-sheet going forward. If you know of any businesses or organisations that would like to advertise, please ask them to contact us.

Following this edition, we are hoping to produce another edition in March.

This edition will be distributed to 4700 homes in the Forum area. We will endeavour to distribute it to as many businesses and organisations as is practical.

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