Know your new rights.

The Consumer Rights Act will streamline 8 pieces of legislation into one, making it easier to understand and use your consumer rights. This will help consumers and businesses to avoid disagreements. But when a problem does occur, the changes will also make it easier to settle through the offer of alternative dispute resolution, which can avoid expensive court cases.

Check the date!

When did you buy the goods or enter into the contract? The Consumer Rights Act
will only apply to goods and services purchased from 1 October 2015.

Previous legislation will apply to purchases and contracts before this date.

Take time: check your rights.

It’s worth researching the market and what your new consumer rights mean before you buy, particularly if you are shopping for expensive items. If you know your rights, you can spot traders who do not seem to be compliant and so avoid potential problems from the start.

Know your new rights, Citizens’ Advice, September 2015

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