Estate inspection changes

ABC CrestAshford Borough Council are changing the way they carry out estate inspections to make sure they are as thorough as possible. They will be carrying out one estate inspection per month which will enable them to spend more time assessing and improving each area in the borough.

Please let them know at the end of the month before your area is due to be inspected of any particular issues you would like us to look at. They will continue to send out review letters to you after the inspection if you have already registered an interest in this.

Below is a list of when areas in South Ashford will be inspected – please look online at or contact your area manager for further details or to register to receive feedback for your area.

  • January – Brookfield West and North
  • February – Hillbrow, Clockhouse
  • August – Woolreeds
  • October – Hampden, Brookfield East, Godfrey Walk and Forrester Place

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