Are you willing to pay £5 for additional firearms officers

Kent Police and Crime Commissioner
Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes says that she has to put 37 more firearms officers on the books here in Kent so has launched a consultation about raising an average family’s policing precept by £5 for the year to help pay for them.

She says that her current plan takes into account a 2% increase in the council tax precept but the Government has made it clear that it is assuming Police and Crime Commissioners will increase their precepts as far as they are allowed. In the case of Kent that is by £5 per year (3.4%) because Kent has one of the lowest policing precepts in the country. She would like the people of Kent to make their views known by taking part in an online poll.

She says that Kent is the border to Europe and she has a duty to make sure that the Chief Constable has the resources he needs to keep us as safe as possible in these difficult times.

The consultation closes on Friday 15 January 2016

Kent Police and Crime Commissioner

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