Beware clothing collection bags

Skyecycle bag labelSkyecycle Limited have been distributing clothing collection bags in some parts of Ashford,  advertising the National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline (NBCH). It could easily be assumed that NBCH receive a donation from Skyecycle as a result of clothing donated, but there is no indication on these bags to indicate that this is the case.

If you wish to donate clothes to charity we recommend that you donate them through a Charity Shop. Our local Charity Shop is YMCA in Brookfield Court. There are also a number of Charity Shops in Ashford Town Centre.


  1. Gail

    I’ve just had one of skyecycle bags on behalf of NHBCH having checked them out,I won’t be donating anything. My advice is to donate to your local charity shops etc they deserve your donations rather than this company who only make a small donation to the charity they are collecting for plus they do not have proper licence for dropping if this bags. BEWARE.

    1. Bob Shrubb (Post author)

      The law in this area is somewhat ambiguous. Refer to the ‘Charity Bags’ article: Does it need a collection licence?


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