Electricity Rebate Deadline 28 February

Don’t miss out on the £ 12 Electricity Rebate

Prepay customers may have to take extra steps to claim rebate

The Government Electricity Rebate (GER) is a £12 government contribution to help lower the impacts of these Government environmental and social policy costs on consumer energy bills.

Most households will not need to take any action to receive the rebate. If you pay by Direct Debit or on receipt of a bill (e.g. quarterly) you will see a credit automatically applied on the next bill.

However, if you pay for your electricity through a pre-payment meter, you may need to actively redeem the rebate.

Your supplier should inform you about how you can claim the rebate but is likely to be one of two methods:

  • You may be sent a voucher (likely with a barcode) to be redeemed for electricity credit when you next top up at your usual retail outlet. This voucher must be redeemed at a pre-payment vending site within the validity period stated on the GER voucher. You will need to show a valid form ID along with the voucher.
  • Alternatively, you may receive the rebate automatically as your supplier will have sent an electronic credit which you will pick up when you next top up.

Arrangements for how pre-payment customers receive the GER will depend on suppliers.

What to do if you think you have not received your rebate

The GER should have been paid to eligible domestic electricity customers over the course of the autumn from the 11 October 2015.

If you pay for you electricity by cash, cheque or direct debit you will have this applied directly to your account and will be notified of receiving the rebate on your next bill or statement.

If you are a pre-payment customer – you should have received a letter from your supplier between October and November which should include either a £12 GER voucher or instructions to take your pre-payment key to a pre-payment vending site to collect your £12.

If  you have still not received your GER, you should get in contact with your electricity supplier.

Suppliers must attempt to provide the rebate during the payment period (11 October– 27 November 2015) but can extend this to 28 February 2016 (the cut-off date) if required.

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