ADT Security Scam

Stop the ScammersThere are reports of people, claiming to be from ADT Security knocking on doors in Ashford saying that they are undertaking security surveys. We are not currently sure of the reason that these people are knocking but it appears very suspicious. They could be rogue traders, scammers or criminals looking for burglary opportunities.

Do not allow these people into your home.

The Community Safety Unit have been notified but

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  1. Amanda F

    I had a guy cold call yesterday in Park Farm stating that he was from ADT Security and that I was possibly entitled to a free Security system and wanted to take 2 mins of my time to take some details. Thank god I said I wasn’t interested, but I did tell him that the red box at the top of the house that looked like an alarm was fake !!!! Worried a bit now. He was Irish and his mate he said was from Australia !!!


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