Victoria Park Masterplan

Victoria ParkFollowing the presentation by Chris Dixon at the South Ashford Community Forum September 2016 Meeting, Chris with other officers and consultants employed by Ashford Borough Council have produced a Draft Masterplan for the development of Victoria Park. The Draft Masterplan will go before ABC’s Cabinet on 10th March for adoption.

The first part of the proposals that will be developed is based on the heritage of the Park, focused on the Hubert Fountain. A Heritage Lottery Fund bid is planned to finance this part of the work. The first stage of the bid will be submitted this month, to fund Development of the heritage proposals. If the bid is successful, the Development Phase is expected to take a year to complete, after which a further bid will be made to fund Delivery (implementation) of the Proposals. The Delivery is expected to take 15 – 18 months from March 2018, completing between July and September 2019.

Other ‘zones’ shown in the Draft Masterplan are:

  • SPORT & RECREATION encouraging physical activity through play and leisure provision;
  • ADVENTURE featuring more challenging activity (e.g. bike ramps and jumps); and
  • RIVERSIDE supporting the landscape and conservation value that extends through to Watercress Fields

Replacement of the existing Park building is planned, to incorporate improved toilet facilities, a cafe, meeting space, children’s nursery and storage.

The development and implementation of these works, is likely to take longer than the Heritage proposals and will be dependent on responses to consultations and funding becoming available.

The Concept Masterplan aims to provide an indicative framework to support future investment that helps improve the site to benefit residents and visitors. Developing the site alongside a strong Community Activity Plan hopes to support improved community cohesion, inclusion and equality.

The Officers’ Report to the ABC cabinet, including drawings of the Draft Proposals can be downloaded from the Committee System on the ABC website, under item 8 on the Agenda for the Cabinet Meeting on 10th March 2016

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