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In National Apprenticeship Week 2016 South Ashford based Integrated Technologies Ltd have checked  in with their apprentices to see how they are getting on.

James- Hardware Engineer

“I joined ITL in 2010 as an apprentice and have not looked back since.  The company has put me through various career enhancing courses including NVQ’s, BTECH qualifications and IPC Certification.

“I am studying for a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering on a part time basis one day a week at the University of Greenwich.

“I am now nearing the end of my degree with only another year and a half to go. The course has been taught over 5 years instead of the traditional 3 but it has allowed me to work at ITL 4 days a week and study on the others when required.

Sam- Electronics Engineer

“When I was doing my A-levels I didn’t really have much of an idea for what I wanted to do as a career. I wanted to do a degree, but could not justify the expense. I was very good at maths and physics which is what sparked my interest in engineering.

“Starting working life as an apprentice has helped me to combine educating myself towards a degree with earning money from a relevant job.

“Applying what I have learnt on my course to my work life, as well as practical experience have allowed me to appreciate a lot of the concepts I have read about on a different level.

“I have since completed my Open University Degree, and have been rewarded with more responsibility and greater control over projects I work on.”

Alex- Production Engineer

“I started my apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering at ITL 6 years ago when I was 18 years old.

“My apprenticeship started with a level 2 NVQ which involved me having to perform various activities within the company and then write a job report, which was collected in a portfolio throughout the year.

“I feel that the apprenticeship scheme has significantly helped me, as it gave me the enthusiasm and confidence to learn new skills and has now led to me broadening my education into a HNC in Electrical Engineering.”

Read the full stories on ITL’s website:

Integrated Technologies Limited 14 March 2016

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