Safer Sleep Week

Safer Sleep WeekFrom the 14-20 March 2016 The Lullaby Trust and partners aim to make sure parents in the UK know the importance of safer sleep and are aware of how to reduce the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

It is not possible for any manufacturer to say that a particular product will prevent SIDS. It is possible, however, to significantly lower the chances of it happening by following this safer sleep guidance.  This advice is based on strong scientific evidence where, unlike many products, safety has been proven.

Things you can do:

  • Always place your baby on their back to sleep
  • Keep your baby smoke free during pregnancy and after birth
  • Place your baby to sleep in a separate cot or Moses basket in the same room as you for the first 6 months
  • Breastfeed your baby
  • Use a firm, flat, waterproof mattress in good condition

Things to avoid:

  • Never sleep on a sofa or in an armchair with your baby
  • Don’t sleep in the same bed as your baby if you smoke, drink or take drugs or are extremely tired, if your baby was born prematurely or was of low birth-weight
  • Avoid letting your baby get too hot
  • Don’t cover your baby’s face or head while sleeping or use loose bedding

You should follow the advice for all naps, not just for night time sleep

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the sudden and unexpected death of a baby for no obvious reason and although we don’t yet know how to completely prevent SIDS, it is possible to significantly lower the chances of it happening by following the advice.

You can also talk to your midwife, health visitor, contact your local Children’s Centre if you have any questions or concerns, or get in touch with the Lullaby Trust

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