Child Sexual Exploitation Day

Today is national child sexual exploitation awareness day. Do you know the signs to look out for? The following guidance is provided by Kent Police

Signs of child sexual exploitation

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Operation Willow is a partnership between Kent Police, Kent County Council, Medway Authority and the NHS to respond to concerns and promote awareness of CSE by working closely with schools, GPs, taxi firms, hotels and pubs.

Children and young people often don’t realise they’re being exploited.

If you’re a parent, you work with young people or you’re just concerned that someone may be at risk of CSE, there are a number of signs you can look out for:

  • Unexplained gifts or expensive items eg clothes, mobiles
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Bruises or marks on the body
  • Suffering from sexually transmitted infections
  • Going missing or regularly running away
  • Missing school or not taking part in education
  • Getting into or out of different vehicles
  • Changes in behaviour eg aggressive, defensive, mood swings
  • Inappropriate sexual behaviour eg over familiar with strangers, sexting
  • Changes in appearance eg losing weight, malnourished
  • Hanging out with anti-social groups, gangs, known criminals and/or fighting
  • Having older boyfriends, girlfriends or friends
  • Involved in abusive relationships, feeling fearful of certain people.

Are you concerned about a child?

If you’re concerned a child is suffering or is likely to be harmed, you can either call:

More information is available on

Kent Police Child Sexual Exploitation page

Kent Safeguarding Children Board Child Sexual Exploitation page

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