ABC Customer Services have moved

ABC CrestAshford Borough Council (ABC) Customers services have returned to the Civic Centre in Tannery Lane.

Why are ABC moving?

ABC say that they believe this will improve the customer experience, efficiency and speed of response for all enquiries. The service is being tailored to provide self-help for customers that can, assisted self-help for those who need some assistance and providing the appropriate resources for those customers with more complex enquiries.

They have noticed a changing pattern in how residents interact with the council, moving away from the more traditional face-to-face and telephone contact to more modern online methods such as email and the internet.

With the introduction of Universal Credit and the development of further self-help facilities we expect to see a further reduction in the number of face to face visits.

How will it look

The new-look Civic Centre reception will see the meet and greet style approach introduced in a welcoming, open and light environment, which will help to improve visitors’ experiences and their first impression of the council.

Ashford Borough Council

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