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Mr Splosh - Water Saving WeekWhy save water in your home?

  • Saving water at home helps reduce the amount of water we use (and waste) and can therefore save money and energy: If we waste less water we are more efficient with our water use – this not only saves water but also money if you’re on a meter through reducing both your water and energy bills. Did you know that just by fixing a dripping tap could save you £18 a year, not to mention 5,500 litres of water? And that heating water in your home for baths, showers and taps can account for up to 25% of your energy bill?
  • Saving water at home now helps us to be prepared and able to cope as water becomes more scarce: The South East and other parts of the UK have less water available per head than in Egypt (it’s also said that London is drier than Istanbul) and this is only expected to become the case for other parts of the UK with the combined effects of climate change and population increases. So, there is an increasing need for us to be more efficient with our water use so we are better prepared for these threats that our water supplies face.

Top Water Saving Tips

  • Turn off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth: It saves 6 litres a minute, that’s 24 litres a day!
  • Install water-efficient devices and kit: A water meter is estimated to reduce water usage in the home by 12% and water companies install these for free while providing water-saving kits, and can offer water efficiency home audits and sometimes free retrofitting of water-saving devices too – visit your water company’s website or ring them up for more information.
  • Have a Meat Free Monday or Friday: An average hamburger requires 2400 litres of water to be produced!
  • Use a shower timer: For every minute you shorten your shower by, you could save up to 7-8 litres of water – it does depend on the power (flow-rate) of your shower though. A good way to start is with a shower timer which can show you how long you spend in the shower and hopefully give you an incentive to cut your shower time. You can also save water by turning your shower off whilst your soaping or shampooing.
  • Strain pasta and rice into your washing bowl: Instead of simply pouring your pasta/rice water down the drain why don’t you drain it into your washing bowl? After all starchy water is great for soaking and washing dirty dishes.
  • A plug for plugs: Use a plug in your bathroom and kitchen sink for any washing, rather than leaving the tap
    running – it’ll save thousands of litres a year, reducing your energy and water bills if you’re on a meter.
  • Be seasonal with your eating: By eating foods that are in season you can help reduce the amount of water used by the agricultural industry – seasonal food is produced in harmony with the weather and therefore doesn’t require irrigation which uses even more water.
  • Natural water for pets: Put the cat/dog bowl outside, leave overnight and let them fill with rainwater.

Download the Waterwise Home Info Sheet

Waterwise Water Saving Week is dedicated to raising awareness of how to save water by using it wisely. This is an annual event and coincides with World Water Day which this year is on 22nd March 2016. Each week day has a unique theme that will focus on saving water in a particular area whether it be at home, in your garden, at work, at school or in your local community. These information packs (one for each themed day) will help you think about how to save water by giving you challenges to do each day as well as some extra water-saving tips! So get involved, take on the challenges, try the tips and let us know how you’re doing by tweeting @waterwise using #watersavingweek.


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