Water in your community

Mr Splosh - Water Saving WeekWhy save water in your community?

  • If everyone in a community uses water wisely it can have a greater and more positive impact on your local water resources, such as rivers and streams – which is where your tap water often comes from. This will help to make your community more resilient to the impacts of climate change and population growth, both of which have an effect on how much water there is in the environment.
  • Saving water in your community helps to protect your local water environments such as rivers, lakes and wetlands: Reducing the amount of water you use can help to minimise the amount of water that is abstracted from your local water resources. If too much water is removed, this can result in wildlife habitats being lost.
  • Saving water in your community helps make a bigger difference: Everyone working together within local communities makes a big difference to people and places! It can help bring communities together and preserve what you love about your local environment, making sure it remains a delightful place to enjoy.

Top Water Saving Tips

  • Go and explore!: Make a visit to your local water bodies (rivers, lakes, wetlands and reservoirs) and explore them whether by going for a walk, taking part in activities that might be available, or simply sitting and enjoying the view. Tweet us a picture @Waterwise
  • Give something back: Why not help maintain and protect your local water environment/s by volunteering with your local River’s Trust, Wildlife Trust, Local Council or environmental organisations that maintain and protect local water environments?
  • Join the Club: Many town and areas have sustainability groups, see if you can nd one and start to get involved with community sustainability today!
  • Water, fun & games: Organise a water game at your next school or community fete. It’s a fun way to raise money (WaterAid is a good water charity). Activity: time how quickly people can carry 15 buckets of water from one side of the fete to the other- in total that’s how much we use everyday (150 litres!) There are also water saving games for children available online too. Don’t waste the water afterwards but use it give trees and plants a drink!
  • Leak spotters: If you spot a leak in the street, do your bit and tell your water company – you might be the rst person to spot it!
  • Anyone for wastewater?: If you produce fairly clean warm water from an activity in the home, a neighbour might want it for washing their vehicle.
  • Holy water: Water is important in all religions, ask your religious leader to give a talk about the role of water conservation.
  • Water savers: A lot of organisations are trying to help people save water as it makes environmental and nancial sense so check if your local council, local water company, bank, supermarket or energy provider has any water giveaways or discount vouchers. Also try and support local businesses who have made efforts to save water – it will encourage others to do the same.

Download the Waterwise Community Info Sheet

Waterwise Water Saving Week is dedicated to raising awareness of how to save water by using it wisely. This is an annual event and coincides with World Water Day which this year is on 22nd March 2016. Each week day has a unique theme that will focus on saving water in a particular area whether it be at home, in your garden, at work, at school or in your local community. These information packs (one for each themed day) will help you think about how to save water by giving you challenges to do each day as well as some extra water-saving tips! So get involved, take on the challenges, try the tips and let us know how you’re doing by tweeting @waterwise using #watersavingweek.


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