Updated recycling and refuse guide

recyclingAshford residents are getting better at recycling, so to help them improve their recycling habits Ashford Borough Council have updated their Refuse and Recycling Guide and their Garden Recycling Guide with the latest recycling tips and advice.

You can download the updated guides for free via the Ashford Borough Council website at www.ashford.gov.uk/waste. Polish and Nepalese versions are also available upon request.

In 2014, Ashford climbed DEFRA’s league tables and was named the 34th best recycling local authority in England. Ashford Borough Council will continue encouraging residents to focus on the quality of the items they are recycling to help keep Ashford one of the top recycling local authorities in the country.

For enquiries relating to recycling and refuse collections, please contact streetscene@ashford.gov.uk or call 01233 331111.

Ashford Borough Council 13th April 2016 www.ashford.gov.uk/news/download-your-updated-recycling-and-refuse-guide-13th-apr-1336

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