Become more confident and gain self-esteem

referral education skills provision opportunities networks sustainability engagement6th, 13th, 20th May 2016, 9.30am – 12noon

Sign up for this 3 week course at
The Willow Centre, Brookfield Road, Ashford

This course will Include all/some of the following:-

  • Awareness of replacing blame with praise
  • Focusing on positives
  • Body consciousness, self·care and making an impression.
  • Finding a voice; speaking out, being heard and being a good listener.
  • Strategies for working with negative emotions.

The courses are open to people over 19 and who are unwaged or in low paid work.

The course are FREE.

To book a place please contact the Willow Centre on: 03000418800

Please let them know if you need any help with your English skills to access ‘the course.

Response 15/16 is funded by the Skills Funding Agency’s Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities.

Everyone is welcome in our centres and on our courses. We always do our best to ensure everyone is able to participate fully and to enjoy learning and working with us. Please contact us to discuss any issues in confidence.

Ashford Children’s Centres 26 April 2016

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