Accessible and Adaptable

Chaper 5 – Topic Policies

Section A – Housing

HOU13/14 Accessible and Adaptable
Policy HOU13 – Homes suitable for family occupation

Policy deleted, requirement moved to Policy HOU12

All new residential development designed for family occupation and having 3 or more bedrooms shall include at least 2 separate rooms to accommodate space for cooking, eating and living.

Policy HOU14 – Accessibility standards

Accessibility in compliance with building regulations part M shall be provided as follows:-

  • a. All ‘new build’ homes shall be built in compliance with building regulations part M4 (2) as a minimum standard.
  • b. In ‘new build’ properties which are affordable, a proportion of wheelchair accessible homes complying with building regulations part M4 (3b) will be required. The number of homes built to M4 (3b) standards will be dependent upon the number of households on the Council’s housing waiting list requiring wheelchair accessible homes and the suitability of the location for wheelchair users.

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