Development of Residential Gardens

Chaper 5 – Topic Policies

Section A – Housing

HOU10 Development of Residential Gardens

The uncontrolled loss of residential gardens can lead to a piecemeal and inappropriate pattern or style of development being delivered. This can individually or cumulatively erode openness, disrupt wildlife corridors, and harm the living conditions of neighbouring residents.

Policy HOU10 – Development of residential gardens

Development proposals involving the complete or partial redevelopment of residential garden land will be permitted provided the proposed development complies with the Council’s external space standards as set out in Policy HOU15 and does not result in significant harm to the character of the area including:

  1. The surrounding grain and built pattern of development including the prevailing building density, line, frontage width, building orientation, distance from the road, existing plot sizes and visual separation between dwellings;
  2. The surrounding built form comprising the scale, massing, height, design and materials of construction of the buildings;
  3. The wider landscape and/or the countryside setting;
  4.  wildlife corridors and biodiversity habitats;
  5. The amenity of adjoining residents.

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