Chaper 5 – Topic Policies

Section F – Implementation

IMP3 Enforcement
Planning enforcement

The Council’s approach to enforcement is clear. It is the responsibility of individuals and businesses to comply with the law. The Council will do all it can to help advise and treat people fairly but those who flout the system deliberately and/or repeatedly and cause serious harm can expect the strongest possible response. The range of actions open to the Council and severity of penalties are often dictated by central government but, within these limits, the Council will always aim to act in way which deters others from non-compliance.

Residents understandably put great value on the quality of life and local environment that they enjoy – in the Borough’s countryside, towns and villages. When development takes place without permission and causes significant impacts on people’s lives, residents of the Borough understandably expect that action should be taken.

The Council has agreed ‘Local Enforcement Plan’ which sets out how the Council can and will respond. Government advice encourages councils to try to resolve issues by negotiation as this is very often the quickest and most effective way to resolve problems. It is also the best way to use resources. Taking formal action, assuming it succeeds, can be a much longer process than people imagine and consumes a lot of staff time.

or persistently ignore the rules and carry out development that seriously impacts on the wider community, then there should be no doubt that the Council will take formal action whenever possible.

Policy IMP3 – Planning Enforcement

In line with the provisions in the NPPF, the Council have agreed a ‘Local Enforcement Plan’. Provisions within this plan will be enacted by the Council and where negotiations fail, or where individuals deliberately or persistently ignore the rules and carry out development that seriously impact on the wider community then the Council will take formal action wherever possible

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