External Space Standards

Chaper 5 – Topic Policies

Section A – Housing

HOU15 Private external open space

Outdoor private space is highly valued and it is important for both children and adults to have access to some private or at least, semi-private outdoor space for play and relaxation as well as more practical requirements. In the case of non flatted developments, this can most easily be provided in the form of a private enclosed garden. The provision of a garden also makes it easier to provide outside covered storage for items such as bicycles, garden tools, garden furniture and outdoor toys.

In the case of flats, balconies or terraces/roof gardens may take the place of a garden. Easily accessible communal areas may be acceptable but lack the element of privacy, which is important for relaxation. Lack of outdoor private space will therefore only be acceptable if there are particular design features which mitigate against this lack of provision.

Policy HOU15 – Private external open space

Unless drawings indicate alternative provision of private useable external open space, new dwellings, whether created as ‘new build’, subdivision or conversion shall be provided with an area of private open space in accordance with the table below:

 Minimum sizes for individual private open spaces for flats and houses not overlooked from the road or other public spaces
Number of bedspaces Minimum depth of balconies Minimum area of private space per flat (balcony, roof garden or ground level patio) Minimum depth of private garden area (the width will normally be the width of the dwelling)
1-2 1.5 m 5 10 m
3 1.5 m 6 10 m
4 1.5 m 7 10 m
5 1.5 m 8 10 m
6 1.5 m 9 10 m

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