Other strategic transport projects

Chaper 5 – Topic Policies

Section C – Transport

TRA1 Other strategic projects
Pound Lane Link Road

The broad location of the Pound Lane Link Road is shown on the Policies Map as a new strategic, single-carriageway link road from Pound Lane to the roundabout at the entrance to the Park Farm development. The creation of this link road is critical to the full delivery of the proposed allocation at Court Lodge Farm (policy S3) but will also provide the opportunity for an additional strategic vehicular link for traffic from the Chilmington urban extension (to the west) to the A2070 trunk road and M20 Junction 10/10a.

A28 dualling and Chart Road improvements

The A28 dualling and Chart Road improvement scheme includes changing the A28 into two lanes of traffic each way between the to be improved ‘Tank’ and ‘Matalan’ roundabouts and will also provide for improvements to junctions on to this new strategic corridor. The scheme will cater for the development at Chilmington Green, providing for improved capacity and safety in this area and relieve congestion and journey times.

Ring road junction improvements

In response to various current residential and commercial development proposals within the Town Centre area, a series of improvements to the junctions around the former Ring Road are needed. Kent County Council Highways are current designing these improvements and it is anticipated that developments will make proportionate contributions towards the key junctions either side of the Beaver Road bridge. This will facilitate early release of new developments that are fundamental to the growth and development of the town centre and its attractiveness as a location for new investment.

Policy TRA1 – Strategic Transport Schemes

The Council will seek the implementation of highway and other strategic schemes that will remove serious impediments to growth and/or secure important environmental benefits. These include a new motorway junction (Junction 10a), the Pound Lane link road, the A28 dualling and Chart Road improvements and measures to improve the former Ring Road junctions.

Where development of a site includes part of an identified strategic scheme, land will be reserved for the route of facility as part of the design of the proposal. Proposals which undermine the delivery of a strategic transport scheme will not be supported.

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