Residential Windfall Development

Chaper 5 – Topic Policies

Section A – Housing

HOU3 Residential Windfall Development

Residential development which comes forward on sites outside of those allocated in the Local Plan are known as housing ‘windfalls’. Historically, the Borough has had a strong tradition of delivering housing windfalls and they will contribute towards meeting our objectively assessed housing needs.

Residential windfalls within Ashford

Ashford is the largest settlement in the Borough and is clearly the most sustainable location, enjoying access to good transport links and a range of services, facilities and shops. Although there is currently limited available land in the urban area to develop that has not been allocated in this plan or is not already subject of a planning approval, it is likely that there will be opportunities for new development or infilling to come forward over the plan period.

Policy HOU3 – Residential development in Ashford urban area

Windfall residential development is acceptable within the built up confines of Ashford providing that it can be easily integrated into the existing urban area and the development:

  1. Is of a scale, layout, design and appearance that is appropriate to and is compatible with the character and density of the surrounding area;
  2. Does not create an adverse significant impact on the amenity of residents;
  3. Would not result in harm to or the loss of public or private open spaces that contribute positively to the local character of the area (including residential gardens);
  4. Would not result in significant harm to the surrounding landscape; nearby heritage assets or important biodiversity networks.;
  5. Is capable of having safe lighting and pedestrian access provided without significant impact on neighbours or on the integrity of the street-scene.

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