Former Ashford South School, Jemmett Road

S12SouthSchoolChapter 4 – Site Policies

Ashford Urban Area

S13 Former Ashford South School, Jemmett Road

The concept of redevelopment to residential uses has long been established on this site.

Development proposals for the site should not detrimentally impact on the retention of the ‘Learning Link’.

Development of this site should be cohesive with the adjacent K College re-development proposals but it is important that the development of this site is able to function as a self contained development in its own right. Consequently, the design and scale of development of the scheme would need to take account of the character of the surrounding area and the scheme proposed on the adjoining K College site and ensure that the residential amenity of neighbouring occupiers is protected and not over-burdened, this is particularly the case on the northern boundary.

The site lies adjacent to the Ashford Oak Tree Primary School and the opportunity should be taken to provide an additional pedestrian and cycle access to the school via this development site.

The site is within close proximity (150 metres) of Victoria Park, a strategic community facility providing play equipment for a number of age groups, areas of open space for informal play and more formal areas of planting. Therefore a contribution towards this facility may be more suitable than the requirement for an onsite play facility. However, the site does provide the opportunity to provide more local areas of open space, which could form part of the overall site design and aesthetics.

The closure of the school has led to loss of a playing field that was used by the wider community and arrangements will have to be made to secure the use of an appropriate alternative playing field in the locality.

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