Former K College, Jemmett Road


Chapter 4 – Site Policies

Ashford Urban Area

S12 Former K College, Jemmett Road

The principle of redevelopment to residential uses has been established on this site linked with the redevelopment of the adjoining Former Ashford South Primary School.

Immediately abutting the western boundary of much of the site is the public right of way, Jemmett Path, that is also part of the ‘Learning Link’ which is a major north-south enhanced  pedestrian / cycleway route from the town centre to Stanhope. Development proposals for the site must not detrimentally impact on the retention or use of Jemmett Path and must widen and make enhancements and improvements to it in order to increase its attractiveness to users.

Development of this site must facilitate the ability to bring forward development on the adjacent former primary school site  and must be designed to be cohesive with the design approach taken on the adjacent site. As part of the development, two all-movement access points from Jemmett Road shall be provided through to the site boundary adjoining the learning link for vehicular access to site S13 to be created.

The design and scale of development here will need to take account of the character of the surrounding residential areas of Noakes Meadow and Jemmett Road and any scheme proposed on the adjoining former school site. The design should ensure that the residential amenity of existing neighbouring occupiers is protected.

The site is within close proximity (150 metres) of Victoria Park, a strategic recreation facility providing play equipment for different age groups, areas of open space for informal play and more formal areas of planting. Therefore, a contribution towards enhancement of these facilities at the park may be more suitable than the requirement for development of play facilities on-site. However, the site does provide the opportunity to provide more local areas of public open space, which should form part of the overall site design.

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