Gasworks Lane

S9GasworksLnChapter 4 – Site Policies

Ashford Urban Area

S10 Gasworks Lane

This site represents the remaining undeveloped land on Leacon Road between the Powergen Site, for which planning permission has recently been granted, and the Brookfield Industrial area.

Residential development should be the principal use on this site and should be in the form of mainly flatted accommodation, however townhouses are also acceptable. They should be designed in a way that provides a strong street frontage to Leacon Road and generally range from 3 to 4 storeys in height.

In addition, there may also be scope to include complementary small scale retail or office uses at the ground floor. With this in mind, residential development provided at ground floor level facing Leacon Road shall have internal heights that are a minimum of 4 metres, to provide greater flexibility for uses at ground floor level.

Proposals for developing the site will need to be accompanied by an assessment of any contamination arising from the existing or previous uses and proposals will need to demonstrate how any remaining contamination issues can be resolved.

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