Ashford Town Centre

Town Centre Boundary

Town Centre Boundary

Chapter 3 – Strategic Poilicies

SP5 – Ashford Town Centre

The area covered by the policies relating to Ashford Town Centre includes most of the area included in the 2010 Town Centre Area Action Plan (TCAAP) including the previous “Southern Expansion Quarter” and “Station Quarter” but this now excludes South Stour Avenue and Eastmead Avenue. Other areas excluded are the area to the North of Somerset Road (the Residential Transition Quarter) and the area of the Godinton Way development. With the exception of the Commercial Quarter, which is now addressed by a site policy, the Draft Local Plan does not refer to the Quarters adopted in the 2010 TCAAP.

Proposals coming forward in Ashford town centre (as shown on the policies map), will be supported in principle where they help to deliver the vision set out above and where they promote high quality design that is appropriate to their location. A range of
principal uses may be acceptable including retail, offices, leisure, residential and hotel. Other complementary uses may include, voluntary and community uses and health facilities. Proposals in the town centre will need to comply with sequential test requirements set out in policy EMP9 .

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