Ashford Local Plan to 2030

We identified on this page some of the sections of the Draft Local Plan published by Ashford Borough Council that relate to or will affect South Ashford. This is not a complete list and we strongly encourage you to read as much of the plan as you can.

We have now updated these pages to reflect the changes proposed under the Council’s July 2017 consultation on Main Changes to Local Plan 2030. We have provided some extracts from the Draft Plan but links after the sub-headings link to the full text on the Ashford Borough Council Consultation Portal for the 2016 Draft Local Plan and, where applicable, the 2017 Main Changes.

We welcome your comments on individual parts of the Plan.

If you wish to submit your own comments to Ashford Borough Council, you can do so from their consultation portal.

The Local Plan is accompanied by a number of documents which form the Evidence for adoption of the various policies within the Plan. These can be viewed under Planning and Building Control / Planning Policy / New Local Plan to 2030 / Local Plan 2030 evidence base on the Ashford Borough Council website

We submitted the following Draft Representations during the 2016 consultation:

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