Local Plan Representations

Help shape our Local PlanDuring a review of the Draft Local Plan published by Ashford Borough Council, we have extracted those parts of the Plan that we think are most relevant to those who live and work in South Ashford. These extracted sections can be reviewed on the South Ashford website under Local Information / Planning and Development / Local Plan.

We have now prepared five representations on the Plan. Representations can only be made on the Soundness or Legality of the Plan, as explained in the Council’s  ‘Guidance Notes for submitting a representation’ and ‘Guidance note on Legal Compliance and Soundness’ that can be downloaded from Consultation page on the Council’s website. The representations we have prepared relate to the following parts of the Plan:

The representations have been added as comments under the extracts from the relevant part of the Plan. We welcome your views on these representations and suggestions you have for further representations.

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