Result of Beaver Ward by-election

Ballot boxRyan MacPherson has been elected as councillor for Beaver Ward. Beaver Ward is now represented by Ryan McPherson and Beverley Murphy.

The result of the Beaver Ward by-election, announced by Ashford Borough Council, is as follows:

  • Joanna Gideon (Conservative) 240
  • Caroline Harris (Labour) 243
  • Ryan MacPherson (UKIP) 373
  • Elizabeth Wright (Green) 31

The turnout was 21.3%

The declaration was made just after 11.10pm on 4th August

The political composition of Ashford Borough Council is now as follows:

  • 35        Conservative (C)
  • 2          Labour (L)
  • 3          Ashford Independent (AI)
  • 1          Liberal Democrat (LD)
  • 2          UK Independence Party (UKIP)

Ashford Borough Council 5 August 2016

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