Unit B, Beaver Industrial Estate, Beaver Road, TN23 7SH – decided

Discharge of condition 7


Withdrawn By Applicant

Original Application: 15/00247/AS

Notice of application

The original application was an application to vary conditions 17, 20, 21, 22 and 25 previously approved under planning approval 12/01295/AS.


  1. Prior to the commencement of the development approved by this planning permission (or such other date or stage in the development as may be agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority), the following components of a scheme to deal with the risks associated with contamination of the site shall each be submitted to and first approved, in writing, by the Local Planning Authority:
    1. A preliminary risk assessment which has identified;
      1. all previous uses;
      2. potential contaminants associated with those uses;
      3. a conceptual model of the site indicating sources, pathways and receptors;
      4. potentially unacceptable risks arising from contamination at the site.
    2. A site investigation scheme, based on (a) to provide information for a detailed assessment of the risk to all receptors that may be affected, including those off site.
    3. The results of the site investigation and detailed risk assessment referred to in (b) and, based on these, an options appraisal and remediation strategy giving full details of the remediation measures required and how they are to be undertaken.


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