Life out of control?

It's OK to talkA little stress is healthy but too much is too much.
When life feels out of control, it’s not unusual to feel down or have suicidal feelings — many men do. What matters is not letting it drag on.

Stuff happens

We can’t control what happens to us in life. You just need to look at the news headlines to know that. But we can control how we react to it. That means recognising when you’re feeling out of control and doing something about it.

This card will show you how. Keep it in your wallet.

Why it matters

As well as making you miserable, long-term overload will increase your risk of serious disease including cancer, heart disease and high-blood pressure.

It will lead to poor decisions which will make you less effective at work and at home and will even follow you into bed, disrupting sleep and your sex-life.

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