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It's OK to talkWe all think we know people who never seem to lose control. But the truth is those people don’t exist.

The reason they seem to take it all in their stride is that they know how to react, how to get back in balance, get a decent night’s sleep and go again the next day.

Odds on they’re using some of the ideas on the back of the NSPA smartcard.
(If you’re feeling wired right now try the three minute time-out below.)

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 which proves just how serious not dealing with this stuff can be.


3 minute time—out

This will lower heart-rate and blood-pressure and help put you in control.

Minute 1. Deliberately refocus attention. Change position or stop moving. Perhaps close your eyes. Ask yourself:
what is happening to me right now?

Minute 2. Now you’re aware of what’s going on and how you feel. focus on your breath. Follow the air in and out of your body.

Minute 3. Move awareness back out again like the lens of a camera getting wider. Slowly take ln the world.

Get on with your life. You’ll make a far better decision now than before the time-out.


Samaritans – call 116 123
free anytime day or night

CALM — call 0800 585858
free 5pm till12 midnight

NHS non emergency:
Call 111

Contact your GP

Download Stay Alive app at

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