Q4. This Ambition will be realised through five overarching Outcomes and Supporting Policies. To what extent do you agree or disagree with each of the Outcomes and Policies?

Outcome 1. Economic growth and minimised congestion.

Policy: Deliver resilient transport infrastructure and schemes to reduce congestion and improve journey time reliability, to enable economic growth and appropriate development.

Strongly agree

Outcome 2. Affordable and accessible door to door journeys.

Policy: Promote affordable, accessible and connected transport to enable access for all to jobs, education, health and other services.

Strongly agree

Outcome 3. Safer travel.

Policy: Provide a safer road, footway and cycleway network to reduce the likelihood of casualties, and encourage other transport providers to improve safety on their networks.

Strongly agree

Outcome 4. Enhanced environment.

Policy: Deliver schemes to reduce the environmental footprint of transport, and enhance the historic and natural environment.

Strongly agree

Outcome 5. Better health and wellbeing.

Policy: Promote active travel choices for all members of the community to encourage good health and wellbeing, and implement measures to improve local air quality.

Strongly agree

Q4a. Please add any comments on the five overarching Outcomes and Supporting Policies


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