Is your costume safe?

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Things to consider when buying a child’s costume

  • Has it got a CE marking?
    Be aware that CE markings can be faked by counterfeiters or those looking to cut corners.
  • Who are you buying it from?
    Are you in a reputable shop? Be extra careful when purchasing online.
  • Check the packaging and labels
    Make sure the packaging and garment contain the manufacturer’s name or registered trademark.
  • Check for product recalls
    Search for “CTSI Recalls” in your preferred search engine for a comprehensive list.
  • Check safety instructions
    Ensure the product is accompanied by safety information and instructions where applicable.

How to spot a fake

One way to spot fraudulent CE markings is to check the logo. Sometimes the wrong logo is used entirely, but if it looks correct, check the middle line of the ‘E’, as it should be shorter than the other parts.

All garments have a risk of being flammable – please check the label and stay away from naked flames!

For consumer advice please call the consumer helpline citizens advice on 03454 04 05 06

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