Electronic Prescription Service Companies

image003Residents in Ashford have received personalised invitations from a company specialising in fulfilling prescriptions via the Electronic Prescription Service. The company use Royal Mail to deliver prescriptions.

This company is not linked to any local pharmacy.

Residents receiving this invitation should consider whether

  • they want to give their personal information a to a commercial organisation, with which they have no previous dealings, and
  • have prescriptions sent to the company that may give an indication of their health conditions

Support your local pharmacy

With pressure on NHS services there will be an effort to encourage us to use the most appropriate service. In many cases this may be the local pharmacy but, if trade is taken from them by mail based services, local pharmacies may find it difficult to stay in business.

South Ashford Community Forum encourage you to support your local pharmacy by naming them as your electronic prescription service provider. Most local pharmacies operate a delivery service for those that cannot get to the premises.

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