Big Energy Saving Week: switch

Check, switch, saveMany people stay on the same tariff or with the same energy supplier for years, without realising they could be getting a better deal elsewhere. By switching tariffs or suppliers, or joining an oil club, you could save hundreds on your fuel bill. Take control of your energy costs – why pay more than you have to?

Make sure you can enjoy a comfortable, healthy home without the anxiety of ever-rising costs, If you’ve never switched before, it is well worth having a look around to see what’s on offer.

Switch suppliers or tariffs

Shopping around for your energy supplier could save you up to £300 or more if you have never switched before.

There are lots of price comparison websites that can help you compare what’s on offer. Visit Ofgem’s Be an energy shopper switching website for helpful tips to get started. Then when you are ready to switch, you can click through to an accredited price comparison website, where you will get independent, accurate and up to date information.

To help you decide which supplier and tariff are best for you, use a price comparison site accredited by the Ofgem Confidence Code, where you can be sure you’ll get independent, accurate and up-to-date information. You can also use the Citizens Advice energy price comparison tool.

If you don’t have internet access you can phone the Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 040506. They will send you a factsheet with the deals available in your area.

To make sure you get the best deal, you’ll need to know:

  • the name of your current supplier
  • the name of your current tariff, usually found on your bill
  • the amount of energy you use
  • how you currently pay, and would like to pay with a new supplier
  • your postcode.

If you’re on a fixed term tariff, you now get 42-49 days before the end of the tariff to decide if you want to stay with your supplier or switch. Your supplier will tell you the rates you will move onto if you remain with them and do not agree a new contract. If you choose to switch supplier in this period you will not have to pay termination fees.

Some suppliers have also signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee, which commits them to provide a reliable and hassle-free switch.

Switching suppliers – more information

You can find out more about switching suppliers using the factsheets below:


Citizens Advice

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